The difference of Telephoto and Super Telephoto

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The difference of Telephoto and Super Telephoto

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Telephoto is defined as lens who has long construction which shorter than their focus length, so the optic center is out of body lens. People can find two types of this lens, they are telephoto zoom and super telephoto. But, actually, they have difference function.

Most telephoto lenses have range from “medium” (with a focal length between 70 and 200mm) all the way up to “super telephoto” (with focal lengths longer than 300mm).

Telephoto can be ideal for photographers who are unable to be close to their subjects, such as sport view, wildlife and fashion show. And If you’ve ever seen a photo where the subject is in focus but the background is blurred and wondered how that effect was achieved, the answer is often with a telephoto lens. This use is especially common in portrait photography. The way to achieve this look is to shoot with a long lens and the widest aperture available. For example, a 70-200mm telephoto lens shot at 200m with an aperture of f/2.8 will isolate your subject against a beautiful, creamy background. This lens can be Excellent at Creating Flattering Portraits. Beside that, this lens also serve an artistic purpose, and are remarkable at creating contrasting focuses between foreground and background.

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We note  three great ways to get the most out of your telephoto lens from :

  1. Use a telephoto lens to show accurate scale in your photographs. Unlike a wide-angle lens, which can alter dimensional perspective, a properly-used telephoto lens can represent all components of a photo in their actual sizes.
  2. Use long focal lengths for an exaggerated depth of field; use shorter lengths for balanced sharpness between the foreground and background of your photograph.

Beware of camera shake. While telephoto lenses magnify the best parts of your photography, they equally magnify the worst parts. So be sure your shaky camera technique isn’t exaggerated by a telephoto lens. Get your technique right first, and then start playing with telephoto technology.