Short tips : What lenses do I need for ?

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Short tips : What lenses do I need for ?

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October 22, 2019 (Jakarta, ID) - When you buy a new camera, you will think also what lenses do I need for this camera ? There are some considerations you should take to get the most suit lenses for your new camera, such as focal length, fix or zoom, image stabilization, crop factor, color refractive correction, distraction, perspective/focus shift, full or non full size image sensors, macro and, absolutely, price ! It is complicated choice.

But, you can make consideration to choose based on what is shoot you will take regularly. It is the short tips to choose camera lenses ! 

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But, for most photographers, a versatile, wide focal-range zoom will be your best bet. Portrait photographers will want a 50-85mm fixed (prime) lens that best flatters the human face. But, product photographers may consider a macro lens, architectural and landscape photographers need wide-angle zoom or fixed lenses, and wildlife plus sports shooters will be drawn to large, relatively fast telephoto (tele) fixed or zoom lenses. If you shoot a lot in low light, you'll need a fast lens (f/2.8 or lower) with stabilization, and video shooters will need to consider things like focus breathing, manual focus and parfocal qualities (more on those shortly).