Maintain your favorite lens

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Maintain your favorite lens

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Camera lenses are big investments because you need to throw some money on them. And it is not cheap. So, maintain your favorite lens properly is important thing because it can gives you longer and perform better. Before we go far to tips to caring your camera lenses, you should three main enemies of your lens. They are : dust, condensation and fungus.

Don’t clean your lens use shirt, napkins, paper tower/any fabric products are nor specifically made for optical glass. Those material have chance to damage your sensitive optical coating. It can scratch the glass. The best way to eliminate dust is use lens tissue, microfiber cloth. You can use a specialty brush made for cleaning lenses or an air blower. But, not compressed air. Don't touch lens with your finger !. It is the most basic simple important notice.

The most sensitive area to get dusty is sensor. Beside that, sensor also has sensitivity to debris and light. When you’re using interchangeable lens camera, there are much possibilities the sensor get dirty. The easiest ways to keep your sensor safe is to maintain a lens mounted to the camera. If you need remove it to pack or store the camera more efficiently. Then, make sure to use the body cap to keep the sensor is protected. When you need to change a lens on the fly. First, keep the opening of the camera face downwards as you do. So, there is less of chance the dirt, debris and moisture to come into sensor. It is also the best idea to preserve an air blower on-hand.

The other thing you should remember when you would buy camera and its lens is bag to save them. Bag is your investment also to get longer camera lens because it supports you to maintain your favorite lens. Buy a bag suit to your necessary to put your lens and make sure to clean it routinely. You can adopt the way to clean lens when you clean bag and you perhaps could put sillica gel on your camera bag to protect it from moisture.  And don’t forget to replace it when it can’t hold and remove moisture.

The simple thing you should pay attention is put each piece of it based on the separator is provided on you bag. Don’t throw your lens away to your camera backpack. Be sure to keep the front and rear caps on your lenses, as well as the body cap on your camera itself. If there’s no lens attached, make sure you always keep your bag is clean, cool and dry to put your lens with good condition all the time.

If you need to clean your favorite camera lens easily you can bring your tamron camera lens to our service center.