The function of Macro Switchover

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The function of Macro Switchover

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There is an special button on SP AF 70 – 300 mm F/4 – 5.6 Di VC USD. It will help you take shoot easily, you can change your lens mode from normal to macro or otherwise on a second. Macro lens is very useful for small subjects at very close distances. They can focus much nearer than normal lenses, allowing you to fill the frame with your subject and capture more detail.

We call this button “Macro Selector Switch”. It is in under of Focus Distance Scale. It has maximum magnification ratio 1:2 (f = 300 mm, 0.95m). The significant concern is their zoom should be aligned to 180-300 mm when switching the macro selector switch from Normal to Macro and the focus ring should be aligned to 1.5 m to infinity to switch from Macro to Normal.

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macro switchover button

You should give extra attention  to the procedur to use Macro Selector Switch or Macro Switchover. These are turn the zoom ring to align the zoom between 180 and 300mm as the first step. Next, slide the button from the Normal to the Macro position. Now, the lens is macro photography mode. When the macro mode is implemented, the focus ring rotates continuously from infinity to the minimum focus distance of 0.95m and the magnification ratio reaches a maximum when the focus distance is 0.95 m at 300 mm. The magnification ratio at this time is 1:2. But,  the zoom ring can only be rotated over the range of 180mm and 300mm and angle of view can only be adjusted over the range of 180mm to 300mm.

There is an exception. It is unable operate when the zoom ring is between 180mm and 300mm. Always make sure to align the zoom ring between 180mm and 300mm before operating the macro selector switch.