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Photography Ideas during Covid-19

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Since the first of the year, we have to struggle on pandemic. It is caused by a new virus is coming. Their spreading is faster than we guess. Furthermore, we still don’t know when it is over ?. So, many government have to make new rules for everybody to stay at home and work from home. Some people are very challenging, especially photographers who love to take a shoot in an outdoor environment. We mostly call them outdoor photographer! If you are one of them, so let follow our suggestion to start taking a picture from your home. And we would help you to get some photography ideas during COVID-19. Some of these ideas require the technical skill to get closer images. You can read about it on our previous article.

1. Food Photography.


There are many topics you can start to do food photography. First, you can see how food photography expert do execution for their photo. Start here, you probably will analyze what is the angle they use and other technical skills.

You can take a corner of the kitchen set. You also possible to take your daily meal as your photo. Some ingredients are always interest to take their shoot. Every detail of their positions has an interesting part. For instance, some fruit. Choose some colorful fruit and slice them in a very thin slice. Then, soak them! You have a chance to take the slash when you are soaking them. After that, take the fruit and grab every detail of the drop of the water.

2. Pet Photography.

There is no difference between pets and other animals. If you usually take an animal picture in the desert or zoo. So, you can implement your outdoor technicals photography but, not all of technics are match. You must be careful. We will discuss it later so, keep update our article!

3. Interior Design Photography.

Take a shoot some corner of the room in your home such as family room, dining room, or small library room. Probably you could change their positions and give some idea how to set up the room for your audience or customer J, just like us. We give you the idea to take a picture in indoor. You also can give this idea to your customer!

4. Fashion Photography.


There are some pictures you can shoot, for instance: the material of cloth and some the whole clothes. You can give ideas to your customer on how to mix and match some clothes for summer session or winter session. It will be very useful for them after the pandemic.

The material of cloth is interesting also. You should take the detail of the cloth. Take a closer shoot to do it. You can read in our article about how to get a close image, so you will get some technique to create the best photo from the closer length.

Do you get the valuable insight now? If it is yes, let share this article to your friend by sending the link of this article to them. So, both of you have photography ideas during COVID-19.