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Choose the right bag and box for your camera lens

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At the previous news, we have talked about how to maintain your camera lens. One way to keep your camera lens well is put it on good bag. So, now we will talk about what is good bag for my camera lens ? What is kind of bag and box should I buy for my photography tools ? And here is the requirement for good bag and box for all of your photography tools. You must consider it before you buy.

1. Water Resistant and Waterproof.

Some of photography activities are outdoor area, such as central park and desert. You maybe also sometimes take picture in the high moisture area, example : by the river or lake, near to the waterfall. When you bring your case to those areas, there is possibility for your case get some drops of water suddenly. Therefore, it is very important to have water resistant and waterproof bag/box for your camera. The purpose is prevent all of things are inside of the bag/box from these drops well.

2. Easy to clean.

Outdoor photography has high risk for your bag and case get dirty. It is the same thing when you open and close it many times to take and put your photography equipment. This action give chance for dust and bacteri to come to inside of your bag and case easily. Hence, you need to clean your camera lens routinely. But, if you don't have much time to do it by yourself, you could bring your camera lens to Tamron Service Center.

3. Elastic.


When you want to buy, you need check what are they from ?. What is kind of material used for bag/box ?. Most of camera lens bag is made by combination of nylon and cordura. But, there are also some bags and boxes are made by raincoat stuff. This stuff is suit for make a photography equipment's bag. You must have this bag !. Furthermore, EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is famous as heat resistant and elastic.

Have you remembered crocs slippers ?. Yes, EVA is the basic material to produce them. EVA is used to produce storage box Zipit also. Zipit has award The Best Softshell Design many times in Europe. They have some storage box types for you. One of their types is Wildings Storage Box Hitam Invisible Zipper. This storage box has invisible zipper. So, not only thief who will confuse to open the box. Water also will confuse how to come in there 🙂

What is good bag for my photography equipment ? I have the answer now and hope you get it too. Let's shop !