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How to get close image

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Get very close picture is the most interesting picture but, it is very challenge for some photographer. You need to keep your eyes on and focus to the object. Beside that, there are a lot of technique to have close picture result. Here is some of important technique you should understand before you take picture to get close image:

1. Try to get new angle to get unique photo.

Avoid to use eye level angle. It is common and standard technique. If you use this angle so, you will get the flat picture. But, it is very useful if you want to get close-up image or image for formal requirement, such ID Card, Certificate and so on.

You can try to use dutch, high or top level and low angle. Those are giving you the different image. For example, dutch, usually will help you to get sloping image. It has around 40 to 60 degrees on your eyes from the bottom of the object. But, high or top level is otherwise. It has around 40 to 60 degrees on your eyes from the top of the object. Low angle comes from the bottom of the object. For detail of these difference, you can see the below picture :

2. Choose the right and best camera lens.

It is the most important thing when you want to get close picture. You must select the right and suit camera to your purpose. When you want to close image, the best camera lens for support your goal is camera lens with aparture F/2.8 and size 15mm. The other choice is camera lens with aperture F/16, F/4, or F/22. They will help you to get sharp image.

3. Maximize your camera tool.

Diopter or composition on your camera is one of the tool you should maximize. Diopter is very helpful to get close picture. The other tool you should aware is flash and focus. Both can give most relevant impact to your image.

4. External factor.

Such as, weather, wind, moving and others.