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We are a dedicated, highly skilled group of professionals who have been involved in this area many years.

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We have our own service center with experienced technicians team.

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We provide 1 year international service and plus 2 (two) years* for local service and spare parts.

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The function of Macro Switchover

There is an special button on SP AF 70 – 300 mm F/4 – 5.6 Di VC USD. It will help you take shoot easily, you can change your lens mode from normal to macro or otherwise on a second. Macro lens is very useful for small subjects at very close distances. They can focus

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Maintain your favorite lens

Camera lenses are big investments because you need to throw some money on them. And it is not cheap so, maintain your favorite lens properly is important thing because it can gives you longer and perform better. Before we go far to tips to caring your camera lenses, you should three main enemies of your

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